5 Best Soft Natural Wool Rugs That Look Like Jute

Jute rugs once segregated to beach houses and cabins, are now incredibly trendy throughout the home. But while these rugs are both timeless and fashion-forward, they’re rarely the most comfortable choice to use throughout your home. 

Luckily, there’s another option. Today, a variety of wool rugs are being fashioned to look like jute rugs. Having natural fiber rugs at home gives it an eco-conscious, all-natural vibe without the many drawbacks of jute. Learn when to choose wool over jute, how to care for your wool rug, and how to choose the best rugs in this quick guide. 

What is jute? 

Jute is a fibrous natural fiber with a shimmery golden hue. Bangladesh, India, and Thailand grow about 90% of the world’s jute, which thrives best in a tropical environment. 

The sturdy fabric is used in a number of products, from bags to chairs. But jute rugs are especially popular. These versatile rugs are easy to clean, indoor/outdoor-friendly, and tend to hold up well over time. 

Jute rugs are also popular for sustainability purposes. Because it comes from a natural, vegetable material, jute is a popular renewable resource that has been gaining extra traction in recent years. It’s also biodegradable, meaning you don’t have to worry about your jute rug eventually clogging up a landfill. 

As a result, jute rugs are popular, especially as doormats or patio rugs. They also have a chic, hand-spun style that’s appealing in many homes.

Other sustainable fibers you could explore are sisal rugs and seagrass rug

Why choose a wool rug over a jute rug? 

With all there is to love about jute rugs, you may wonder why some people may choose to buy a wool rug that looks jute instead of buying a traditional jute rug. 

However, there are a number of reasons a wool rug might be even better for your home than a jute rug. Depending on your expectations, a sturdy wool rug is an investment piece in your home, and can even be an heirloom decoration, passed from generation to generation. Here are four key questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether to buy a budget-friendly jute rug or whether to invest in a soft, sturdy wool rug. 

Which is softer, jute rugs or wool rugs? 

One reason to choose a wool rug over a jute rug is the feel of the rugs. Jute rugs have a hard, scratchy feel to them — almost like hay — while wool tends to be a softer and more comfortable option, its texture is a great alternative to provide a soft feeling under bare feet, it's also an excellent choice if you envision young kids spending a lot of time crawling around on it. 

Which is safer for your home, jute rugs or wool rugs? 

A major downside to jute rugs is the fact that, while it’s considered water-resistant, the plant fabric does absorb water. Over time, this can lead to discoloration and even mold mixed into the fabric of the rug. A wool rug, on the other hand, can be easily hung up to dry.

Which is better for high-traffic areas, jute rugs or wool rugs? 

Over time, jute rugs tend to fray and break down. Although it’s easy to lightly clean jute rugs, heavy cleaning often leads to discoloration and fraying. As a result, these rugs are not ideal for the parts of your home that see a lot of heavy traffic. 

On the other hand, you should also consider that wool is the most durable material for a dining room or other heavy traffic areas. Wool rugs have a natural oil called lanolin, which is stain resistant and keeps away the dirt. Wool is a natural choice if you are concerned with finding a high end and practical solution for families that can last over many years and be mixed with any kind of furniture.

Which is better at dampening sound, jute rugs or wool rugs? 

When it comes to dampening sounds, jute rugs are less efficient than other fibers. These rugs have little-to-no sound dampening effects. In comparison, wool is heavy and dense enough to help soften sounds, making them a great choice for indoor spaces like kids’ rooms and playrooms. 

What is the best place to use a wool rug?

Based on the questions above, it becomes clear which rooms jute rugs work in, and which rooms you should opt to use a wool rug instead.

Children’s rooms, which are heavily trafficked — often on hands and knees — do much better with wool rugs than with jute rugs. Wool rugs are also a good choice in bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Jute rugs, on the other hand, are budget-friendly natural fiber rugs that can help to create a cozy environment in low-traffic areas in your home, which makes it a great alternative for your office or guest bedroom.  

3 Tips to cleaning a wool rug that keeps shedding

One downside to wool rugs is that they can be prone to shedding. This can kick up allergies and give your rug an off-putting appearance. It can also make it difficult to keep your rug clean over time. 

However, the shedding is usually only a temporary aspect of wool rugs. Well-maintained wool rugs usually stop shedding within a few months. Here are three tips for cleaning a wool rug, reducing shedding, and ensuring its longevity in your home. 

1. Vacuum often

Wool rugs should be maintained. Vacuum your rug at least once a week to keep tufts of wool away from the rug and prevent shredding from worsening. As you vacuum, be sure to work with the pile of the rug, not against it. 

2. Trim if necessary

If you see strings or tufts on your wool rug, don’t pull them. Instead, use a pair of scissors to cut these parts of the rug even with the surrounding area. In the first few months, it’s normal for the wool rug to start creating tufts like this. However, if you pull on the strings, you can make the effect much worse.

3. Hand wash only

When you need to deep clean your wool rug, be sure to hand wash it in cool water and hang it up to dry. This preserves the colors and prevents the rug from shrinking in the washing process. 

5 Soft, natural wool rugs that look like jute

If you’re looking for a comfortable wool rug with jute vibes, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 rugs we recommend:

1. Jaipur Living Enclave

The Jaipur living enclave rug has a soft, minimalist vibe that will feel perfect in a high-traffic space like a living room or dining room. 

natural fibers | stains resistant rug | natural look

2. Kalaty Clearance Portfolio

This Kalaty rug has a well-worn, homespun appearance that will give any space in your house a cozy vibe. Geometric patterns ensure the rug is not at all boring and can liven up a space without being too loud. 

kalaty rug | durable home decor

3. Dash & Albert Twiggy Rug

This rug by Dash & Albert has natural vibes that will give your home a clean appearance. This rug is actually made from a blend of wool and jute, giving you the best of both worlds! 

natural fibers | natural rug

4. Bokara Rug Co Himalayan Art

If you’re looking for a fun, modern rug with a nod toward traditional jute vibes, try this artistic rug by Bokarua Rug Co. Patchwork animal prints help this rug fit into a kids’ room or playroom, adding a fun but mature look that they will enjoy now and grow into later.

natural fiber rugs | home decor

5. Jaipur Living Coastal Shores

This rug from Jaipur Living’s Coastal Shores collection offers a neutral-toned, striped appearance reminiscent of traditional jute rugs. Its sandy look will fit naturally into a beach home, summer home, or patio space, bringing natural hues in and making the room feel lighter as a result. 

natural materials | bedroom area rug | home decor

Enhance your home with a top natural fiber rug

High-quality wool rugs are a natural choice for many homes. Like jute, wool is an all-natural material, but it’s much more durable and long-wearing. These timeless rugs can be given a modern facelift when you choose a fun style or a style that looks similar to jute. Shop Rugs Done Right today to discover the perfect wool rug for your home.