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If you are in search of uniqueness, St. Croix’s home decor and rug designers have the best solutions for you.

At Rugs Done Right, we have made a top selection of their floor coverings with the best price per square foot in the market, you will find the best rug for you by shape and size.


How to choose the best area rug material and size?

When you are buying an area rug, it is extremely important to consider the space where you are using it, the room dimensions, and the foot traffic it can stand. Once you have that clear, it will be extremely useful to choose the right carpet material and size for your new rug.

St-Croix wool rugs are great to be used in indoor spaces, wool is a stain-resistant natural fabric with great texture and is certainly the to-go option for many home designers. Wool area rugs are very popular and a great option to use in your living room, dining room, or under any king bed.

Other natural fiber rugs that are great for indoor spaces are: 

-Chenille rugs

-Jute Rug

Other yarns used to create rugs are synthetic, these are especially useful in outdoor spaces or in case you have pets or kids at home, these rugs are affordable, lightweight, great for heavy traffic areas, super easy to clean, and offer a great variety of design possibilities that can be used at home or in office spaces.

To choose the right size for you, the best advice we can give you is to take the time to lay your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be.

Imagine where the bigger pieces of furniture go and make sure your area rug fits under them, and allow 12" to 20" of space between the wall and the edge of your rug.


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Discover the best-priced area rugs in the market for all living environments. At Rugs Done Right we have a great variety of designs that will adapt to traditional and contemporary spaces.

Let us know your concerns, we can help you find the right carpet for you, based on your budget and all personal requests— get today the perfect area rug that adjusts to the space you are decorating.