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How do I choose the best rectangular area rug?

Depending on the area you have available and the decor you have at home, the size of your rug can play a main role in the style and personality of the area where you decide to use it.

Most experts recommend to make sure there are about 10 to 20 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls of the room. 

To do it the best scenario would be to buy the rug before the furniture and any other home decor, if that is not possible for you the best rug size is the one that can fit beneath all major furniture in a space.

How do I choose the best material for my rectangular rug?

The best advice is to choose the rug material based on the room it will be in. Rugs meant to be in your home entrance or in the living room should be design to stand high traffic, in that case a wool rug, a jute rug or even a synthetic rug for outdoor or indoor areas with heavy traffic will work. 

Where is the best place to use a rectangular area rug?

Rectangular rugs are great to be used in large spaces such as living room, seating areas, decks or even the office area.

They can have the perfect proportions to fit in any hallway and if you want it for a bigger space you can always find large area rugs with amazing contemporary and vintage designs.

How do I choose the right unique loom rug size?

When you are planning the living room of your dreams, choosing the right size rug with the right shape will be super important to create the perfect environment. 

To find the perfect match for the room you are looking to decor we created a simple guideline for you.

- Lay your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be

- Visualize your space and get close-to-exact measurements. This will be extra helpful if you’ve never bought a rug for that room before. A perfect rectangular rug fits beneath all major furniture in a space.

How to take care of your rectangular area rug?

Making the time to rotate your rug every few months will help you a lot to reduce the rugs stress in specific areas, this is one of the best tips to keep the shape of your pile rug

Depending on the rug material your carpet might be used outdoors or indoors, rectangular area rug made with wool, are amazing to stand high traffic indoor areas and last for long periods of time.

To take care of rugs made of wool is very simple, keep in mind to use rug pads and remember to vacuum your rugs periodically, this will be the best way to take care of your carpets. Always keep in mind to use a gentle vacuum set up. 

Another options is to use a rug beater every once in a while, you can take your rug outside and beat the dust out of it, it will be good for your rug and yourself.

Never use harsh chemicals on your wool rugs to clean it. The best you can do is to wash it with a soft soap diluted in water and always test it in a little spot of your rug to make sure it won't damage the wool pile— or you can always hire a professional cleaner.

Do you have questions before buying the perfect rectangular rug?

It is important to consider your budget and how to complement the decor you already have at home, at Rugs Done Right you will be able to find the best rug deals made of wool, silk and other synthetic fibers available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create amazing living spaces.

Reach out to our dedicated customer service at Rugs Done Right to solve any inquiries and choose a rug that you’re completely satisfied with.

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