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Foothill Rugs was founded back in 1984, they distribute some of the best oriental rug designs in America from the most experienced rug artisans from India, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Nepal.

Oriental rugs are some of the most recognized floor coverings in the business, the quality of each rug and its uniqueness makes them super valuable and a declaration of style in every room where they are used.


What are the best oriental rugs made of?

Nowadays, it is easy to find in the market tons of oriental rugs and Middle East replicas that are made from low-quality fabrics or synthetic fabric yarns that do not represent the greatness of traditional oriental rugs.

When you invest in Foothill Oriental Rugs, you can be sure they are made with the best wool yarns, hemp, and other great natural fiber yarns. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and safe for both kids and pets since they don’t have any toxic chemicals.


What is the right oriental rug size for me?

When you are planning the living room of your dreams or redecorating any space at home, choosing the right size rug with the right shape will be important to create the space you are dreaming with. 

For instance, a square rug can look cute in a room with a similar shape but may look out of place in a long, skinny room. 

To get the right room dimensions, start laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be, then we will consider the shape of the space and how to adjust the rug to it.

Once you have marked where you want the rug to be, you are able to visualize your space and get close-to-exact measurements. This will be extra helpful if you’ve never bought a rug for that room before, especially if it is an area rug

If the space you are considering is between two standard rug sizes, opt for the bigger one as long as it will still fit in the room. Those few inches can allow your furniture to shift slightly without it being a big deal while going a few inches too small can make a room look awkward.


What is the best online store to buy oriental rugs?

Discover at Rugs Done Right the best of oriental rugs by Foothill Oriental Rugs, we have an amazing selection of wool rugs, area rugs, and runners made of the finest fabrics. 

Get yours today, we can help you find the right rug for you, based on your budget and all personal requests to get a rug that truly represents yourself. Choosing the right tone, design, shape or size will be crucial to find a good match for your place and the decor you have at home.