About Us

Since 1999

We've been in the area rug business since 1985, and selling rugs and home decor accessories online since 1999.  The owner started with a passion for creating a living space that expresses the inhabitants own interior- their mind, body, and soul. The concept of mirroring to others what represents the best of us as individuals and families. With a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Architecture and Design, and many years of hands on experience in the oriental and area rug industry, she grew the company with the tremendous help of a team of others who shared the same vision.  

How are we different?

For one, we are a team of women. Mothers.  Friends.  Perhaps by chance, perhaps by luck. The way we help each other is also shown in how we strive to help our customers.  We are there for you to assist, enjoy the journey, and see the results. 

Additionally, we are consumers.  Very smart ones.  Each of us shops online and expects the best pricing, knowledgeable staff, and time saving help to get it all done.  That's what we have to offer to our customers and it's why they come back.  We hope to earn your business too. 

Get started today by shopping our store, or live chatting with one of our rug experts here in Sudbury, MA.  We think you'll be happy you did.