Price Guarantee

Enjoy the protection of our 110% low-price guarantee.*

You will always pay the lowest possible price at In the unlikely event that a local competitor or online web site advertises the same item for less, we will beat that price by 10% at the time of order, just to thank you for bringing it to our attention.

110% Price Match Guarantee is for first quality, identical items only. If approved, a 10% discount will be taken off the competitor's advertised price including any shipping and handling fees, when you order. Competitor coupon codes that reduce a total are not considered part of the advertised price for an item, however if a code reduces the price below our lowest price offer, we will beat the competitor's price. Please chat today for the best price.

Here's how it works:

Say you find the same item we have priced at $499, advertised for $429 on a competitor's site. We'll match the $429 price and then take off an additional 10% for a total lowest price of $386 when you order. All we ask is for reasonable proof of the price. Just let us know and we'll adjust the price. It's that simple. Email at or call 800-562-9644.