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Homespice Braided Area Rugs

Is a Homespice Braided Rug good quality?

Founded more than 20 years ago, Homespice decor has specialized in manufacturing primarily braided rugs. They create super-durable braided rugs that are perfect for dining room and home environments with kids and pets.

Are Braided Rugs Durable?

Yes, they are durable and an outstanding braided rug classic, they easily match any dining room, modern farmhouse, or home decor space. Fortunately, it is not hard to take care of them, you just need to adjust your cleaning routine to vacuum your braided rug, the clue is to vacuum it on both sides.

We also recommend taking it out during warm or the hottest month of the year and washing it using a soft soap, make sure to test the diluted soap and test it on a little spot of your braided rugs to make sure it won't damage them.

Once you know it is safe, use a soft brush on it, hose off, roll up gently to cause the remaining water to discharge, then let it dry, the heat will be a handful during this process

How to clean braided wool rugs during winter?

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How to choose the right rug for your room?

A benefit that pops up to the eye with hand-knotted braided area rug and braided rugs is its remarkable beauty, their color, texture are a great mix to design spectacular living spaces.

By now you might know that Homespice decor has a special focus on braided rugs, the great majority of their carpets combine different colors, which can be helpful to choose a design variation that can contrast or combine with your home decor.

To choose the right color you need to consider what kind of environment you want to have, primary color rugs are a classic and will charge with great personality any space where they are used. 

Blue for instance is one of the favorite color rugs for many Americans, when you decide to go with a blue color rug you are likely to add a fresh feel to a room. Dark blue tones like Navy or even more light blues are associated with relaxing, and calming aspects. 

The great news is that blue rugs go with almost every home decor design.

As a general perception rule, light-colored rugs are good in small rooms or spaces with dark walls, as they can make the space feel bigger, while dark-colored rugs can bring coziness to an oversized space.


What is the best rug size for me?

Another factor you need to consider before buying a braided rug is the size of the room where you want to place it.

Let's talk about the area or space where you want to use the area rugs, the first thing you want to do is to design the space, to do it we advise you to consider laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be. 

Whether you have a braided rug or any other rug, the perfect Homespice area rug can fit beneath all major furniture in a space.

In case you are buying round rugs, a great way to play with the room dimensions is to place your rug centered under the light, especially if you are placing it in a hall.

Is a rug pad useful?

Regardless of the rug's material used to make rugs, a rug pad is incredibly useful for offering cushion while keeping your rug securely in place on the floor, which is something we always recommend to our clients.

Do you have questions to choose the perfect Homespice decor rug?

It is important to consider your budget and how to complement your home decor space before shopping for braided rugs. At Rugs Done Right, you will be able to find the best Homespice braided rugs collection made of wool and silk available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create amazing living spaces.

Contact our dedicated customer service at Rugs Done Right to solve any inquiries and choose a  Homespice rug with great quality that you’re completely satisfied with.

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