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Chandra rugs offer great quality floor coverings that are affordable, famous for providing handcrafted products.

It remains a family business that has been leading today's rug market with remarkable designs, outstanding quality and accessible rug prices for all budgets. Chandra rugs offer a great style addition to any place, always aiming to complement with comfort and long-lasting beauty.

Chandra’s handcrafted rugs are designed in Georgia and made in India, keeping ancient traditions and providing them with a unique style. At Rugs Done Right you will be able to find our top selection of rugs, perfect to complement the best home decor at affordable prices.

Among their most recognized rugs, you will find spectacular wool rugs, these are of great quality, can last over many years and are a great match to any home decor. 


How to clean Chandra wool rugs?

Wool rugs are preferred by many to decorate their homes, the quality of wool rugs is impressive, they are perfect for heavy traffic areas, they also have a great texture, and the style and class they can add to any living environment is spectacular.

To take care of your Chandra wool rug, we always mention to our customers to get a pad with their rugs. Rug pads are super useful to provide comfort and cushion while keeping your carpet firmly in place on the floor.

Nonetheless, regularly cleaning your wool rugs is super important, vacuum your rugs periodically and softly, this will be the best way to take care of them. Keep in mind to use a gentle vacuum set up, you really want to avoid anything like a spinning brush. 

Using a rug beater one or twice a year is also a practical option, you can take your rug outside and beat the dust out of it.

With natural fibers like wool, it is not advisable to use harsh chemicals to deep clean them. The best option is to dilute the soft soap of your preference in a generous amount of water, always test whatever product you are using in a little spot of your rug to make sure it won't damage it.

How do you use a rug in a living room?

Need to consider the size of the room where you want to use it, the size of your rugs and how to match the rug colors with your decor. Depending on your style it will be better to play with complementary colors, or take a little risk using contrasting colors to create the most remarkable living environment.

To choose an accurate rug size for the space you have available, we recommend laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like your rug to be. The right area rug size will fit beneath all major furniture, and ideally will have about 10 to 20 inches between the edges of the carpet and the walls of the room where you are using it. 

To choose the right color, a soft or light tone is a safe bet, it’ll add freshness to any space you want to decor.It is important to choose a rug color that will allow you to play with most home decor, beige rugs and earth tone rugs will give you dozens of possibilities to play with. 

In case you are having a hard time choosing the right rug color for you, it can be helpful to order carpet samples and paint up a large board of a color in the neutral undertone you want, it’ll allow you to compare and decide which combination is better for the space you have.

What is the best place to use Chandra rugs?

They are masterfully designed to work in numerous settings of the home; whether it be for a cozy living area, or a dressed up dining room, Chandra rugs have versatility, style and value. 

Some benefits of using rugs in the home is comfort underfoot, warmth, and grounding the space visually. The right area rug will last for many years and provides a wonderful base to accentuate the room.

What is the best place to shop Chandra rugs online?

Discover Rugs Done Right top selection of Chandra rugs for indoor and outdoor spaces, choose your favorite by tone, design, shape, size, or material and enjoy the best cost-benefit relationship in the rug market.

If you have any doubts you can reach out to our dedicated customer service with any question, we will help you to consider all details, from finding a rug that adjusts to the space you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, also to consider your budget that will vary depending on the material and size of the rug.