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Oval Rugs

Commonly when a rug is chosen for a room it's done at the end of the design and creative process. However, sometimes it can happen that the rug is so special that it is better to design the whole space around it and make it a focal point.

One of the reasons this is possible is because oval rugs have clean endings, you can also play with the style of the carpet to design the space.


How to choose the best oval area rugs for a Dining Room?

As mentioned before, one of the main characteristics of oval carpets are their clean endings, this capacity allows creating minimalistic living environments with spotless designs, and as a consequence, it will help to add sophistication to any living space

Before choosing oval rugs as your favorite option, it must be clear where you want to place them, your carpet color can be a main character in the room you are decorating, or it can also be just a compliment.

To choose the pile of your oval area rug, keep in mind that short pile rugs can be perfectly used in your dining room or a hallway, while high pile rugs are a great fit for a bedroom.


How to choose the perfect oval rug for any room?

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find oval rugs in multiple sizes that can adjust to the area you are looking to decorate. The main tip you can follow is to buy a carpet that is big enough so that all large pieces of furniture can touch it, you look for hand-tufted rugs and different styles.

When you shop it in an online store you have the opportunity to filters shape, look for top deals, related searches, and find the best price.


What color rug should I get for my bedroom?

The color you choose will help you provide your room with a personality that is an extension of yourself, to create a space where you feel absolutely comfortable.

Having clear what you like is the first step, now you need to make sure that the existing decor will play well with the rug you want to use, aspects as to how big your decor area is and what other colors are at work in there will help you determine the best options for you.

At Rugs Done Right we have a great tool to help you search for your favorite style and shop the best rugs in all color variations 

The most important is to choose a color that represents you. Nonetheless, we have listed a few tips to help you identify what colors might work better in the area you have available.


What is the best material for a rug, and can I take care of it?

Wool and other natural fiber rugs are recognized for their great quality and durability.

Another characteristic is that they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, durable, and affordable, the best way to take care of natural fiber rugs is by setting up periodical cleaning routines.

Shaking it out is also a good idea, in some cases due to the size of your oval rugs it might be better to beat it with a stick, do not use anything that is sharp, and remember to beat both sides of the rug.

Another easy way to clean your natural fiber rug is to vacuum it periodically, since natural fiber rugs can shade a little the vacuuming process will help you a lot to keep the nuisance away.

You can also purchase a dry cleaning powder that can be used with jute area rugs and other natural fiber rugs. Even if the product establishes it works with natural fiber rugs, tests it first on a little spot of your rug, once it is clear, and you know your rug is going to be safe you can sprinkle the powder onto the rug and then vacuum the powder up.

One last tip, if your oval area rug is located in a High-traffic location, such as your home entrance, that spot in the living room where you like to sit on the couch or where you hop out of bed, the best thing you can do is rotate the carpet occasionally, it will help you preserve the carpet in good shape and its patterns.


How to buy the best oval rugs?

It is important to consider your budget, styles, and how to match the decor you already have at home, at Rugs Done Right you will be able to shop the best oval rug deals made of natural fiber and synthetic fibers as well, all available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create amazing living spaces— Get in touch with us to solve any doubts, free shipping in the USA!