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Southwestern rugs are heavily influenced by Native American communities, it makes them unique in style and perfect to be used to complement both rustic home decor and contemporary homes. At Rugs Done Right you will find a wide offer of remarkable southwestern rugs loaded with great personality.

What is the best place to use Southwestern rugs?

They can perfectly be used as floor coverings in any home space, but usually look better in a living room or dinning area, where you can use more than one southwestern rug simultaneously to create contrast and play with the rug colors, this is a tip that allows you to create separate environments within the same space.

How do I choose the best Southwestern rug color?

Choosing the color is super important to give the right personality to the space you are decorating, you need to consider how big is your space and what other colors you have in the room to balance with the southwestern rug you like.

- Its important lo balance the space, a subtle decor or wall colors can go great with vibrant rug colors— Imagine an orange rug paired with a navy wall, or choosing neutral tones for a more bold room. 

- Another tip is that light-colored rugs are good in small spaces or spaces with dark walls, as they can make the space feel bigger, while dark-colored rugs can bring a coziness to an oversized space.

- Alternatively, you can go with complimentary colors, such as a brown rug against beige woods or a light gray rug in a teen’s bedroom that’s been painted black. 

How do I choose the perfect southwestern rug size?

Depending on the space that you are designing, you will need to choose the rug size and shape

Round and oval rugs have clean endings, this quality allows creating minimalistic living environments with spotless designs, and as a consequence it will help to add sophistication to any living space, to cheese the size the best you can do is to buy a rug that is big enough so that all large pieces of furniture can touch it.

In case you are looking for a Southwestern area rug, we want to share a pretty easy step-by-step guide to help you choose the right size for you

- First thing you need to do is to lay out your room first, 

- Put down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug or area rug to be.

- Visualize your space and get close-to-exact measurements

- Keep in mind that the perfect area rug fits beneath all major furniture in a space

- One last tip, If the space you measure out is between two southwestern standard rug sizes, take the bigger one as long as it will still fit in the room. The extra few inches can allow your furniture to shift slightly without it being a big deal, while going a few inches too small can make a room look awkward. 

What is the best place to buy southwestern rugs online?

To buy the best southwestern rugs, you can explore our wide variety of designs and color tool to look for a rug that matches with your existing decor and the space you are crating. Reach out to our dedicated customer service that will be available to help you consider all details, from finding a rug that adjusts to the space you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, your budget that will vary depending on the material and size of the rug or any other inquiries you may have.