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Shag Rug

Are shag rugs in style?

Shag rugs are great to decorate modern and contemporary spaces, they are super comfortable and can add a great sense of style to your place if you match them properly with the right decor.

The thickness of the rug fiber is what makes it unique, elegant, and cozy. Originally they were made of wool and still remain a popular fiber to build shag rugs because of their softness and durability, but you can also find shag rugs made of synthetic fiber that feel great underfoot and are more affordable.

Where is better to use shag area rugs?

Shag rugs are elegant and durable and their defined fibers feel great underfoot, which makes them incredibly versatile and easy to use in any room whether it has high traffic or not.

You can add great styles and a welcoming feeling to your living room with shag area rugs, they can also be used in a place where you enjoy resting your feet, like the bathroom when you are brushing your teeth or under your desk while you are working.

One common tip you get with shag area rugs is that they are better to use on wood floors and other hard surfaces, in case you have children at home a playful shag rug is a great addition to their room or the area where they play the most.

How to choose the right shag carpet size

Depending on your intention, you can get any rug shape in a large size to decorate main areas or smaller rugs that can help you to create focal points, like a reading area where you can sit and chill to read your preferred book.

These tips will work better if you are getting to purchase an area rug that represents your own interior, mind, body, and soul. 

How to take care of your shag rug

Choosing a shag rug is a great choice to add a warm, cozy, and luxury environment to any room. Shag rugs are made of synthetic and natural fibers, which makes them pretty durable, even if they are used in heavy traffic areas.

The most remarkable characteristic of shag rugs is their longer pile, it makes them look fluffy and soft, but they need more effort than other rug materials to stay in a good place, otherwise, the fluffiness of your rug is likely to go away faster than it should, to extend the life of your rugs we have 4 simple tips to take care of them.

Where to buy shag rugs online?

To buy the best shag rugs for you, we have a dedicated customer service that will be available to help you consider all details, materials, styles, high pile rugs, texture, long fibers rugs, and related searches. Contact Rugs Done Right to shop for our top deals and find the perfect carpet for you, we offer free shipping in the USA.

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