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Hooked rugs are usually made of wool yarns, this implies that the rugs are of great quality, they are designed to be used indoors and can last over many years keeping their shape and color patterns.

Wool is a pretty resistant fiber, but due to the way hooked rugs are made, they should be used in low-traffic areas only. They are handmade, but can't be confused with hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs.

To identify loop hooked rugs, you need to look for small knot bumps from the hooked wool, keep in mind that to keep the rugs secured in place artisans use an adhesive.

Nonetheless, loop hooked rugs are not exclusive to wool yarns, they can also be made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or polypropylene. These materials are resistant to outdoor weather conditions, will last longer under direct sun exposure, and are more resistant to moisture.

How to take care of hooked rugs made of wool? 

When you have a wool rug at home, one of the easiest ways to take care of it is using rug pads, they are extremely useful for providing cushion and holding your rug securely in place on the floor.

Most of the time new wool rugs will shed for a couple of weeks, to deal with this, we suggest vacuuming your rug once or twice a week in the direction of the pile. With time, the excessive shedding will subside.

To deep clean your wool rug, avoid using harsh chemicals on it and call your local rug cleaner to make sure it is properly done.

Unless you really want to do it yourself, in that case, the best advice we can give you is to dilute softsoap in a large volume of water, and remember to always test any product you use on a small area of your rug first, this way you can avoid your rug color fading away accidentally.


What are the best-hooked rug deals?

Loloi hooked rugs: Loloi Rugs are still crafted in India, the old-world way. By keeping this tradition alive, artisans are constantly creating unrepeatable hooked floor coverings, full of charm and with different designs that will add great style to your living spaces.

Surya hooked rugs: Surya is one of the most recognized rug manufacturers, you can find remarkable hooked rugs that go from classic to contemporary, check our top selection of rugs, and create renewed fresh, colorful, and on-trend living environments.

Safavieh hooked rugs: Safavieh started as an artisan rug business and over the past three decades they have become a successful family business that manufactures and offers the best quality hand hooked rugs in multiple shades and sizes. They have a presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

What is the best place to buy hand-hooked rugs online?

At Rugs Done Right we have the widest selection of hand hooked rugs from the best carpet manufacturers, choose your floor covering by tone, design, shape, size, or material. 

You can reach out to our dedicated customer service with any question, and we will help you to consider all details, from finding a rug that adjusts to the space you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, also to consider your budget that will vary depending on the material and size of the rug.