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Octagon Rug

Having an octagon rug is definitely a remarkable way to add uniqueness and original styles to any area.


How to choose the size of your rug?

Having an octagon area rug can help you to highlight specific rooms at home or create functional spaces, like a reading area.

The main idea is to use the area rug to accentuate the overall look of your home

While you can choose a small octagon area rug to make spaces look bigger when choosing a bigger rug make sure it is big enough so that all the large pieces of furniture touch it. This way the room feels more integrated, and each piece of furniture has its own role.


How do I choose the best octagon rug size?

Depending on the area you have available and the decor you have at home, the size of your octagon area rug can play the main role in the style and personality of the area where you decide to use it.

At Rugs Done Right you can find octagon rugs in popular sizes that can adjust to the area you are looking to redesign.


How do I choose the best material for my area rugs?

The best advice is to choose the rug material based on the use of the room where you want to use your new carpet. If you are looking to redesign a living room or your bedroom those are areas with heavy traffic, in those cases, it is better to use durable materials.

Natural fiber rugs such as wool or jute are of great quality and durable, we can also trust synthetic rugs for outdoor or indoor areas with heavy traffic.


How do I choose the right rug color?

The color you choose is super important to express your own emotions and feelings at home and to give the right personality to the area you are decorating, you also need to consider how big your space is and what other colors are at work in there.

The most important is to choose a color that represents you. Nonetheless, we have listed a few tips to help you identify what colors might work better in the area you have available.


How to take care of your octagon rugs?

Depending on the rug material your carpet might be used outdoors or indoors, octagon rugs made of wool, are amazing to stand high traffic indoor areas, and they can stay in shape for decades.

To take care of rugs made of wool is easy, we always advise you to use rug pads to provide comfort and cushion while keeping your rug firmly in place on the floor. 

It might seem like a silly tip but vacuuming your rug periodically using a gentle setup will keep the nuisance away and extend the life of your octagon rug.


Do you have any questions before buying the perfect rug?

It is important to consider your budget and how to match the decor you already have at home, at Rugs Done Right you will be able to find the perfect rug made of natural fiber and synthetic fibers as well, all available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create amazing living spaces.

Shop for the best area rugs for your home decor space at Rugs Done Rig, and purchase our top deals, your favorite rug style without creating an account. We have free shipping in the USA.

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