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How to choose the right Surya rug size

Consider laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug or area rugs to be. This allows you to visualize your space, home accessories and get close-to-exact measurements, which is especially helpful if you’ve never bought a rug for that room before. A perfect area rug fits beneath all major furniture in a space.

If the space you measure out is between two Surya standard rug sizes, opt for the bigger one as long as it will still fit in the room. Those few inches can allow your home accessories to shift slightly without it being a big deal while going a few inches too small can make a room look awkward. 

How can I take care of my Surya rug?

There are many materials used at the time of making a Surya rug, each material used is carefully chosen, it has specific benefits and characteristics that are unique based on the rug origin. There are contemporary rugs and fashion-forward products designed for all lifestyles.

How to take care of Jute, Seagrass, Sisal rugs

This material is eco-friendly, biodegradable, classic, durable, and affordable, the best way to take care of natural fiber rugs is by setting up periodical cleaning routines.

The easiest way to clean your jute rugs is by shaking them out, in some cases due to the size of your area rugs are better to beat it with a stick, do not use anything that is sharp, and remember to beat both sides of the rug.

Leave the rug under the sun for a short time, it will help to kill bacteria and germs, make sure the rug is not under the direct sun exposure for a long period of time, it might cause the color patterns to fade away.

Another easy way to clean your sisal rug is to vacuum it periodically, since natural fiber rugs can shade a little the vacuuming process will help you a lot to keep the nuisance away.

You can also purchase a dry cleaning powder that can be used with jute rugs and other natural fiber rugs. Even if the product claims it works with natural fiber rugs, tests it first on a little spot of your rug, once it is clear, and you know your rug is going to be safe you can sprinkle the powder onto the rug and then vacuum the powder up.

How to take care of my wool rugs

Wool is a very common material to make great quality rugs, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable, highly durable, and naturally soft. 

Follow these easy steps to take care of your wool rugs.

How to take care of my polypropylene rugs

Polypropylene is one of Americans' favorite fibers for their rugs, it is extremely resistant in outdoor and indoor environments, moisture and stain resistant with minimal to no shedding, and is cheap.

If you want to easily keep your polypropylene rug in good condition and clean, stay simple and make sure to vacuum it, it will be the easiest way to clear the dirt and dust from your rug. In case you want a full cleaning service you can always call your local rug cleaning service

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