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Traditional rugs are referencing rug designs and styles that became home decor classics, Persian and oriental rugs are some of the most recognized styles. These rugs are loaded with great symbolism and over the years they have adjusted to match with today's modern home decor. They are a magnificent floor coverings that will add immediate style and elegance to any home environment.

That balance between traditional style with contemporary designs creates a remarkable contrast that looks great to the eye, it is important to make sure the surrounding colors match to create an adequate blend.

How do I choose the right traditional rug color?

When you decided to buy a traditional rug choosing the color is important to add the right personality to the space you are decorating, other considerations you need to take is the space you have available and what other colors are at work in the room.

- As a general rule, light-colored rugs are good in small spaces or spaces with dark walls, as they can make the space feel bigger, while dark-colored rugs can bring a coziness to an oversized space.

- It’s also a good idea to choose colors that play well with the tones that already exist in your room. If you already have some furniture you want to match with your new traditional rug you might want to look for complementary color patterns, it can be a great idea to contrast the color you have or look for something similar to unify the room style.

- Alternatively, you can go with complimentary colors, such as a brown rug against beige woods or a light gray rug in a room that has darker walls. 

Main Benefits of buying a traditional rug

The time artisans dedicate to create traditional rugs by hand is one thing that make them so unique, there are no two pieces that are exactly the same, these rugs are made with great attention to detail and using material of the highest quality that can last over years and keep their shape when you look after them.

Another main benefit of traditional rugs it's that they are usually made with sustainable materials that are great with the environment and always put together with remarkable aesthetics.

How to take care of traditional rugs and area rugs

Traditional rugs are usually made of wool, it is a natural fiber that is incredibly durable and feels great underfoot. To take care of your traditional wool rug, one basic tip is to use a rug pad, they are super useful to provide comfort and cushion while keeping your rug firmly in place on the floor.

New traditional rugs made of wool rugs are likely to shed, we know at first might be too much, but we advise you to vacuum your rug once or twice per week, do it in the direction of the pile, and you will notice how the excessive shedding will go away with time.

As mentioned before wool is a natural fiber, with this material it is better to avoid using harsh chemicals. The best option to deep wash your rugs is to dilute soft soap in a generous amount of water and always test what ever product you are using in a little spot of your rug.

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To buy the best traditional rugs, you can explore online and ask sample rugs from our wide variety of designs and colors. Reach out to our dedicated customer service with any question, and we will help you to consider all details, from finding a rug that adjusts to the space you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, your budget that will vary depending on the material and size of the rug or any other inquiries you may have.