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Finding an area rug that adapts properly to the space you have available can be a great challenge sometimes, when it comes to sizing you will have two options.
You can choose from a standard area rug or a custom size rug, you can choose depending on the space, surrounding decor, and your budget, standard area rugs are usually cheaper than custom size carpets.

We have created a practical step by step for you to choose a rug that truly adapts to the area you are decorating


What is a standard size rug and how to choose the best for you?

Standard size rugs will be determined by each manufacturer, to find out what sizes are available you just need to click on our drop-down menu on each rug page and choose the size of your preference.

To know what is the perfect area rug for you, we have created a simple step-by-step guide to help you choose the floor covering that better adapts to the space you have.

What is a custom size rug and how to choose the best for you?

These rugs can be chosen by length and width, it will be easier to get a size that fits the space you are decorating exactly the way you want it.
This way your rug can be a main character in the room and complement the surrounding decor, the aesthetics will be so unique and exclusive.


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Discover the best-priced custom-size rugs in the market for all living environments. At Rugs Done Right we have a great variety of designs that will adapt to traditional and contemporary spaces.

Let us know your concerns, we can help you find the right carpet for you, based on your budget and all personal requests— get today the perfect area rug that adjusts to the space you are decorating.