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Shaped Custom Rugs

At Rugs Done Right you can find the most exclusive custom rug for your decor space, feel free to access our website to look around and discover the best collection, materials, quality, styles, accessories, and color patterns. 

Enjoy designing the best living spaces and take any room to new highs with our wide selection of rugs. 


How To Measure For Custom Rugs

Nowadays, it's possible to find areas at home that are not easy to match with any standard rug size, in these cases one of the best options you have is to buy a custom rug, the best part is that you are still allowed to create the most sensational environments.

Regardless of the room, you are decorating, your custom rug should be large enough to fit under the bigger pieces of furniture in that room, which will help everything together and be more organized.

The same tip applies to creating focal spaces, imagine your dining room, you have the table centered on the rug and all chairs can fit inside the rug space as well, besides allowing everything to be in the right place it will help to prevent damages to your rug and your floors. 

You can also use rug pads, they work as a buffer between your rug and the floor. It will help to extend the life of your rugs, and it will help prevent holes or fraying around the edges of your rugs.

For halls, the best is to measure the length and width of the space where you want to use the rug and subtract about a foot from the length and width. The space between the rug and the walls with allowing you to design a cleaner space.


How to choose the best custom rug material?

If you are looking for an interior rug the material plays a crucial role, to be the perfect rug for your decor space.

Benefits of buying a custom size wool rug

It is a common choice among interior designers, because of its durability and softness that can certainly add great charm and style to any room. However, they can have a higher price compared to other rug materials.

When you buy a wool rug, you must consider you are getting a strong rug material, great quality, texture, style, good stain, amazing insulating properties; and last but not least a sensational cozy feeling underfoot.

Nonetheless, you also need to consider that wool is not a good material to stay in damp places, also when they are new some shedding may occur but will lessen with time

Benefits of buying a custom size silky rug

The main characteristic of silky rugs is their softness and subtle sheen, additionally, they have a great sumptuous feel and finer details than wool.

They are great to use on bedrooms floors and low-traffic areas. You need to consider that it requires professional cleaning, and they can show footprints

Benefits of buying synthetic fiber rugs

Synthetic fiber such as polypropylene and polyester are materials Americans love for their rugs, these rugs are affordable, lightweight, great for heavy traffic areas, super easy to clean, and offer a great variety of design possibilities that can be used to create really good environments at home or in the office spaces.

A synthetic fiber rug is super resistant, it can hold pretty well against moisture and sunlight without easily losing its form or its colors. It also offers a unique rug style to match different colors and accessories.


How can I take care of my custom rugs?

If your custom shape rug is located in a high-traffic location, such as your home entrance, the spot in the living room where you like to sit on the couch, or where you hop out of bed, the best thing you can do is rotate the rug occasionally, it will help you preserve the rug in great shape and its patterns.


Where you can buy the best Shaped Rugs?

At we will be happy to help you shop for the perfect rug to create the best environment for your decor space. You can visit our site to search for your favorite collection, shape, style, and texture. We offer free shipping in the USA!

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