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If you are looking for a simple yet stylish way to add or change the personality of any space with stairs, or just have tiled stairs getting a carpet runner is a perfect solution. 

Stair runners are also great to provide safety, the rug will add traction and are way less slippery than hard surfaces like wood, another benefit of having stair runner rugs is the noise absorption any time you go up or downstairs.

At Rugs Done Right, we have a great variety of runner rug styles for all types of stairs that can help you get to create your pictured or dreamed room. Choosing from different vibrant colors, shapes, materials, and sizes is a matter of preference, but we are certain you can fulfill your demands with our wide collection of stair runners.

How to choose the best runner rug color for your stairs?

Depending on your house style choosing from different color tones and patterns to match the walls or your decor space, will be setting up something fun, chill mood, or more serious.

In case you have children or pets at home one of the best advice is to go with a darker color rug. Then you want to consider the stair surroundings, in case you have solid color decor, a patterned and textured rug would be a great choice, try to match the color patterns with your existing decor.

At the end of the day, the easiest way to choose the right runner rug color is to look for complementary colors based on your current home decor, we know looking at the screen and trying to imagine how the rug will look once you install it can be very hard, for that reason at Rugs Done Right you could ask for a sample, just need to reach out, and we will take care of any questions you have

How to Measure The Right Roll Runner Length For Your Stairs

Selecting the right length is also important. To measure straight stairs make sure to:

If you are buying stair runners or cut roll runners you can also read— How to calculate the right stair runner dimensions for my stairs


How to choose the right material for your stair runners?

You certainly don't want anything slippery, avoid any silky materials and whatever material you choose make sure it is properly or typically installed.

Now to choose the best runner rug material it is important to keep in mind the level of durability you need, in case you have kids or pets at home you want to choose wool or synthetic rugs that can be overused without suffering much and are also rug materials that are easy to clean.

Can I order custom-size runner rugs?

Yes, this is a great alternative to make sure you have the right length to cover your stairs regardless of the area size or the shape.

Cut roll runners are runners where a custom size can be ordered to be cut off of a roll of continuous product. This means that the runner will not have end borders, and is not finished on the ends. Most of these runners are finished on the sides. A finishing treatment needs to be specified for the ends if you are using the piece in a hallway. Options are fringing, end-capping, and serging.

Do you have more questions to choose the right carpet runner?

It is important to consider many aspects before going to shop for the best carpet runner for your home space, such as your budget, patterns of the carpet, style of the carpet, or the surrounding decor. If you are not sure about which is the best carpet for your house, at Rugs Done Right we have good prices, and a complete variety of stairs carpets to help you choose the best option for you.