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How do I choose a stair runner

Buying a stair runner is a great acquisition to add style to your stairs at home and the surrounding decor. 

Also, if you have children or pets, getting stair runners will provide safety to the environment, without the stair runner the stairs can be slippery even for yourself.

There are usually two options to get runner rugs for your stairs, the first one will be buying standard runner size, or you could also get a cut roll runners that adjust precisely to your needs

How to Measure The Right Roll Runner Length For Your Stairs

- Measure both the horizontal step and the vertical part of step.

- Then count the number of steps. Be sure to include the last riser, which leads to the upper landing.

- Multiply the number of steps by the total inches per stair

- Then divide by 12 to get the total linear feet necessary for your straight stairs. 

- We recommend adding one extra foot of runner length to your total, just to be safe.

How wide should the carpet runner be.

You will need to decide the width based on the stair dimensions, ideally, a margin of 4 inches or more on each side is the best option, but at the end ii si also a matter of taste and the style you want.

Carpet Runner 90-degree turn

In case your stairs take a 90-degree turn, but has a flat landing, you will need to decide how to lay the runner. 

In most cases using the runners is the better choice on these types of staircases. One runner goes up the first part of the stairs and over the flat landing, ending just before the wall. The second runner starts at the base of the second set of steps and continues to just under the nose of the upstairs landing.

If you have a curved staircase, you will need to have the runner installed by a professional stair runner installer.

What is the best type of rug for a stair runner?

Natural fiber rugs such as wool are the best to add style and comfort to your house, they can also be extremely durable and expensive, if you are on a budget there are plenty of runner rugs in different materials with wonderful prices, you can consider synthetic runner rugs or a blend between a natural fiber and  a synthetic.

To fully understand how to measure stair runners you can also read our practical guide about HOW TO MEASURE AND CALCULATE THE RIGHT STAIR RUNNER DIMENSIONS FOR MY STAIRS