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What you should know before buying natural fiber rugs

Natural fiber rugs can add instant warm and style to any room, you will be able to find them in all prices, whether you are on a budget or not there is an option for you, it will mostly depend on the material and the size of the rug.

For instance, wool rugs have higher prices than jute rugs, but they all have their own charm, and we have seen how both can add, coziness and a sophisticated feeling to any living space.

Are natural fiber rugs expensive?

In the rug world, natural fiber rugs are recognized for being affordable. However, you are paying for a great rug material that can be used to stand high traffic areas, and they are rugs designed to last over many years

Tips to choose the best natural fiber rug

Natural fiber rugs such as jute or sisal are common to see in beachy areas, they are a great match for a costal decorating style but nowadays, they have been used widely and successfully in many bedrooms and living rooms in contemporary and traditional homes.

As you know by now natural fiber rugs, regardless of the material they are constructed with can add a remarkable warm feeling to any room, there is something special in their color and texture that can create an inviting atmosphere like no other rug material.

They look incredibly when you lay other rugs on them. This is a great design technique to create focal points in any specif area at home.

Another great quality of natural fiber rugs is their capacity to be a great match with dark or light colored decor, their natural toned colors can easily be used to play with your home decor.

On the other hand you also need to consider natural fiber rugs vary their softness level depending on the material, wool rugs feel amazingly under foot, then we would say jute is a bit less comfortable to walk bare feet but still manageable. 

They can last over years as long as you take care of them properly

How to take care of Jute, Seagrass, Sisal rugs

The best way to take care of natural fiber rugs is setting up periodical cleaning routines. With Jute you can shake them out, in some cases due to the size of your area rugs is better to beat it with a stick, do not use anything that is sharp and remember to  beat both sides of the rug.

Do not leave the rug under the sun for long periods of time, but a short sun exposure will help to kill bacteria and germs.

With all natural fiber rugs, including sisal you need to vacuum it periodically, since natural fiber rugs can shade a little the vacuuming process will help you a lot to keep the nuisance away.

You can also purchase a dry cleaning powder that can be used with jute rug and other natural fiber rugs. Even if the product claims it work with natural fiber rugs, test it first on a little spot of your rug, once it is clear, and you know your rug is going to be safe you can sprinkle the powder onto the rug and then vacuum the powder up.

How to Take Care of my Wool Rugs

Wool is a very common materials to make great quality rugs, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable, highly durable and naturally soft. 

Follow these easy steps to take care of your wool rugs.

Vacuum your rugs periodically and softly, this will be the best way to take care of your wool rugs, please do it using a gentle vacuum set up, and don't use spinning brush. 

Using a rug beater is a practical option, you can take your wool rug outside once a year and beat the dust out of it, it will be good for your rug and yourself.

Since wool is natural fiber, we don't advice you to use harsh chemicals on your rugs. The best option for a wet cleaning is to dilute a soft soap in a generous amount of water, always test what ever product you are using in a little spot of your rug before cleaning the whole rugs, you can always stick to only water if you want to avoid any risks.

How can you choose the best natural fiber rug size?

- The first thing you want to do is to design the room where you want to use the area rug, it means to have a clear idea of where are you placing all decor.

- The initial advice is laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be.

- Keep in mind that the perfect area rug can fit beneath all major furniture in a space.

- Leave 10 to 20 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls of the room, it’ll make your room look bigger.


Do you have questions before the perfect natural fiber rug?

It is important to consider the size you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, your budget that will vary depending on the rug fiber and the rug size, at Rugs Done Right you will be able to find the best rug deals in the USA available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create sensational living spaces.

Reach out to our dedicated customer service at Rugs Done Right to solve any inquiries and choose a rug that you’re completely satisfied with.