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What are the benefits of buying Jaipur Living rugs

Jaipur Rugs is a family business with a great conviction to preserve ancestral know-how and connecting rural craftsmanship with global consumers. The company creates contemporary rugs with an ancestral touch which allows them to create unique rugs.

How to choose the right Jaipur Living rug size

Before deciding what area rug size you should buy to fit your room we want to share an easy step-by-step guide to make the best choice to create a space that represents your own interior- mind, body, and soul. 

- First step is to lay out your room or the space where you want to place the rug

- Then put down sticky tape to figure out where you’d like a rug or area rug to be.

- Consider the space you have available and get close-to-exact measurements

- The perfect area rug fits beneath all major furniture in a space

- In case the space you measure out is between two Jaipur Living rug sizes, go with the bigger one as long as it will still fit in the room. The extra inches can allow your decor to shift slightly without it being a big issue, while going a few inches too small can make a room look awkward. 

How can I take care of my Jaipur rug

There are many materials used at the time of making a Jaipur rug, each material used is carefully chosen by artisans to create memorable rug designs.

How to take care of jute rugs

Jute is natural material original from Asian subcontinent, it is a long-lasting fiber that has become popular for use in rugs and interior designers love it.

If you care about the environment, Jute is your rug material, as a natural fiber it is eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, affordable and its great look will help you add freshness to any room

We created an easy step by step that will help you to maintain your jute rug in good shape.

- To remove the dust vacuum it on weekly basis using a gentle setup

- Once or twice a year take your rug outside and shake it, in case you have a large area rug it might be better to beat it with a stick.

- Leave the rug under the sun for a short time to help kill bacteria and germs, don't leave your Jaipur rug under direct sun exposure for a long period of time, natural fiber rugs as jute are likely to lose their colors when sun hits them directly

- Get a dry cleaning powder that can be used with jute rugs. Always test it first on a little spot of your Jaipur rug, once you make sure it is safe you can sprinkle the powder onto the rug and then vacuum the powder up.

How to take care of my Jaipur Living  wool rugs

Wool is a very common materials to make great quality rugs, wool rugs add a great look to any room, they are highly durable and naturally soft. 

Follow these easy steps to take care of your wool rugs.

- Use a pad with your Jaipur wool rugs, this is a great advice, rug pads provide comfort and cushion while keeping your rug firmly in place on the floor

- Vacuum your rugs using a soft set up, if you do this periodically you will be extending the lifetime of your wool rug

- Use a rug beater or a stick once or twice a year depending on the exposure of your wool rug, take it outside and beat the dust out of it.

- Always avoid using harsh chemicals on your wool rugs, in case it has big staging, or you just want to wash the whole rug you can always call a professional rug cleaner

How to take care of my synthetic fiber rugs

Polypropylene and polyester are also used to fabric Jaipur rugs, these rugs are extremely resistant in outdoor and indoor environments, moisture and stain resistant with minimal to no shedding and are cheaper than natural fiber rugs

If you want to easily keep your synthetic fiber rug in good condition and clean, follow these steps.

- Vacuum it, it will be the easiest way to clear the dirt and dust from your rug.

- You can wash them with a pressure washer machine

- In case you want a full and deep cleaning service you can always call your local rug cleaning service

How to choose the right Jaipur Living rug?

It is important to consider many aspects, from the use you are going to give to the rug, your budget or the surrounding decor, in any of these cases you can get in touch with our dedicated customer service to solve all inquiries and choose a rug that you’re completely satisfied with.

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