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The Rug Market America is a USA-based business that was founded back in 1986, since then they have shown the world a chic and avant-garde company with incredible rug collections, their floor coverings are vibrant and highly decorative rugs for every room. 

They have also positioned themselves as a rug manufacturer for kids of all ages. At Rugs Done Right, you will find our top selection of The Rug Market carpets, beautiful carpet designs with the best prices per square foot in the market.


How to match a colorful rug at home?

We know it can be challenging to decorate a room with a vibrant colorful rug in the middle, but if you have a crush for a carpet with this characteristic you will need to play with the surrounding decor to not create an overwhelming environment to the eye. 

Here are our best tips to create the most amazing living spaces with a colorful rug.

  1. To choose the surrounding furniture, you need to make sure it fits entirely on the rug and keep the largest piece of furniture neutral, it gives rest to the eye and the contrast between these colors is simple and beautiful.
  2. Matching your room accessories color with the rug color will help to blend all together and to create a nice-looking environment.
  3. A trend you can try at home is to have a white wall color, the vibrant rug color will look spectacular in a minimalist environment.


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Discover the best-priced rugs and decorative handmade carpets for the different home environments and playful rugs for kids

At Rugs Done Right we have a great variety of designs that will adapt to traditional and contemporary spaces.

Let us know your concerns, we can help you find the right carpet for you, based on your budget and all personal requests— get today the perfect area rug that adjusts to the space you are decorating.