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The 5 Best Dining Room Rugs for Families You Can Buy Online

The dining room is the heart of the family home. It’s where you gather each day around the dining table to eat, tell stories, and reconnect as a family. So choosing the right rug for your dining room should take care and consideration.

You need something to make the space feel warm and inviting, while also being mindful of the frequently dropped food and spilled juice that will occur as your children grow in your home. In this guide, we’ll not only show you how to choose the best dining room rugs for families, but also point you to our favorite 5 kid-friendly dining room rugs for your home. 

How to choose a kid-friendly rug for your dining room while staying in budget

Any parent can tell you that kids are messy creatures. Little kids especially may not have developed the fine motor control necessary to keep their food on their forks or to prevent spilling their drinks when they bring them up to their mouths.

But even older children can be messy if they get over-excited while telling a story or rambunctious with their siblings. As a result, the term “kid-friendly” rug is often synonymous with “stain-resistant rug.” 

To keep a rug stain-resistant and kid-friendly, you’ll want to look for something, at a minimum, with a low poly count. Rugs made from recycled plastic or PET are generally easy to clean without breaking the bank.

Another budget-friendly option is to choose indoor outdoor rugs, as these are meant to withstand more abuse than rugs meant only for the indoors, and prefer a low pile rug over high pile rugs, it will help a lot to keep the nuisance away under your dining room table.

How do I choose the right rug pad for my dining room rug

You also need to consider getting a rug pad. It's pretty useful when you have kids or pets at home, to decide what is the best match you need to consider the size of the desired rug and use it as a base to pick the rug pad size. It will work as a buffer between the rug and the floor, helping to increase greater cushion and softness, it will also prevent the accumulation of mold, bacteria and unwanted odors.

How to pick the best dining room rug size

A good rule of thumb is that bigger is better when it comes to your dining room rug size. Not only do you want the rug to be large enough that your table and chairs can fit on it, but you also want to provide a few inches of buffer on each side. This way, your kids won’t constantly be struggling to get the dining chairs over the lip of the rug as they push themselves into the table. 

As long as it can fit in your dining room without touching all four walls, look for a rug that is four feet longer and wider than your dining room table. This will usually provide enough space for your chairs to fit comfortably and get pushed in and out without running into the edge of the rug. 

You should also match your rug shape to your table shape. Most dining rooms pair rectangular rugs with square or rectangular tables, and round rugs with round tables. Although you may be able to get away with pairing a rectangular rug with a round table, a round rug under a rectangular table may look strange to your guests and be difficult to position properly. 

Where to buy dining room rugs for families

Buying rugs online can be tricky, since you can’t rely on your sense of touch to feel a rug or see a visual of how big it is. The best option is to look for an online store with a strong reputation. Check reviews from other buyers to get an idea of the quality of products you’ll be receiving as well as the quality of a brand’s customer service. If there’s an issue with your rug when it arrives, you want to ensure the company will take care of you and your family. 

Once you’re comfortable that an online store has a reputation for quality care, your next step is to see what kind of information the store provides about your rug. At a minimum, you want not only a picture of the rug, but measured dimensions of how large the rug is, a description of the material it’s made from, and information about whether the company offers any sort of protection plans on your new rugs. 

Our 5 best dining room rugs for families

At Rugs Done Right, we offer a wide variety of rugs families can use in the dining room. Each of these rugs is made from tight weave fabrics and are easy to clean, while still working into a typical family-friendly budget. 

#5 - Kaleen Lauderdale Rug

If you’re looking for a pop of color in a minimalist style, look no further than Kaleen’s Lauderdale line. Each rug comes in a single color with an intentionally-weathered look, ensuring that your family’s normal wear-and-tear doesn’t detract from your rug’s beauty. 

Dining Room Rugs | Kaleen Blue Rugs

#4 - Loloi Evelina Rug

This beautiful line of rugs offers interesting, geometric patterns in neutral beige colors. These flatweave rugs are easily cleaned, and the neutral colors ensure they complement most homes. Perfect if you like pattern and intrigue but don’t love lots of vibrant colors, these dining room-friendly rugs are designed to imbue your space with warmth. 

Loloi Rugs | Grey Rugs | Dining Table Carpets

#3 - Spicher and Company Classic Vinyl Rug

If you like something a little more unique and head-turning, Spicher and Company’s Classic Vinyl collection might be just the thing for you. Each unique rug comes in fun, repeating geometric patterns. With a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can definitely find something fun and interesting to match your décor.  

Indoor Outdoor Rug | Vynil Rugs | Brown Rugs

#2 - Momeni River Rug

Momeni’s River collection is the perfect cross between simplicity and style. Each two-toned rug comes in an easy-to-clean material in a beautiful geometric pattern. Elevate your home with a gorgeous rug designed to keep the stains away. A variety of color options ensures most families can find a great match for their home decor while enjoying the simple, warm feel.  

dining room rug | Grey Rugs | Momeni Rugs

#1 - Kaleen Weathered Rug

Kaleen has come out with a line of rugs that are intentionally built to look weathered. The appeal to these rugs, which are made using easy-to-clean recycled plastics, is that they come looking weathered. Not only does this bring a down-to-earth, homey vibe into your dining room, but it also means that a little extra wear-and-tear over the years will go relatively unnoticed. 

Dining Room Rugs | Red Rug | Rugs Done Right


Find the perfect dining room rug for your family at Rugs Done Right

We want to help you find the perfect dining room rug for your family. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable option, a tight weave, or just something to bring a pop of color to your dining room, we have what you need to update your dining room without breaking your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our rug collections or to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. 

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