How to match wall colors with oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are a gorgeous fashion trend that never goes out of style. If you invest in a good oriental rug, its magic and beauty can be used in any living space and handed down in your family for generations. 

But how do you help that beauty stand out in your home? How do you take an oriental rug and highlight its features with your wall color and decor? In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to match oriental rug colors with your home, emphasizing the majesty of each in the process. 

How do you match oriental rugs with wall colors? 

You have a few different options when deciding how to match your oriental area rug or regular size rug with your wall colors. 

One choice is to keep the paint colors of your walls with gentle neutral colors, such as white or beige. By keeping your walls muted, your oriental rug is sure to stand out as a focal piece in your dining room or any other home environment where you want to use it.

Another choice is to pick out one of the accent colors from within your oriental rug and to paint your walls to match. This brings cohesion into your space, emphasizing the color of your rug in the rest of your home. 

The third option is to pick a contrasting color for your walls. For example, with hardwood floors it's a great idea to combine it with dark color rugs, such as blue, and you can contrast that with yellow or deep red walls. This more bold color can bring a pop of fun and daring into your space. 

How can you match oriental carpet with surrounding decor? 

When you have a bold rug, an easy way to pair the furniture and decor is to choose neutral tones and natural materials. Natural wood furniture always looks classy against oriental carpets. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t bring any fabric or patterns into your space. The easiest way to bring a pop of color in is to select one tone from your oriental carpet and use that tone for your decor and accent pieces. For example, if your rug is dark-colored with blue and orange, you might want to pair the other decor in the room using the same colors.

Or you can eschew more obvious color choices and select a vibrant tone that doesn’t match any of the colors in your rug. This bold choice can give your room cozy, Bohemian-chic vibes. 

5 proven secrets to match your oriental rug with your home

Now that you understand your options for matching your oriental floor covering to your wall and your decor, how do you tie it all together to create the effortlessly-beautiful vibe you’re going for? Here are 4 proven secrets you can use to bring cohesion and beauty into your space. 

1. Keep all patterns in the same color family

Just because your rug has a pattern doesn’t mean you’re stuck with solid colors in the rest of the home. But if you’re going to add patterns in, make sure all patterned decor items are in the same color family. Choose one color from your oriental carpet to highlight with patterned materials in the room. 

2. Consider a monochromatic color scheme

If you’re nervous about matching with your rug, try picking one highlight color from your rug, and using that as the basis for a monochromatic room scheme. If you do this, you’re sure to match, and your oriental rug will take center stage, becoming the natural focal point of your room. 

3. Embrace your Bohemian side

If a monochromatic color scheme isn’t your thing, another option is to embrace your Bohemian side. Use a few intentionally-clashing decor pieces to create a cozy-chic vibe in your space. The key to pulling off this look is to stick with just a few mismatched colors outside the color scheme in your oriental carpet. This keeps the look feeling intentionally Bohemian without devolving into chaos. 

4. Paint colors in the room could be neutral

You could play with all colors in the room to be simple and neutral.  A minimalistic touch in the surroundings could be outstanding. By sticking with simple paint colors, you can make sure your carpet gets more attention naturally.

nourison carpet | blue carpet | simple paint colors

5. Vary decor sizes

A large oriental rug can make some living spaces feel heavy if it’s not offset with smaller decor pieces. Keep your room feeling balanced by pairing small knick-knacks or throw pillows on your oversized rug. 

What is the best oriental carpet price per square foot? 

The cost of an oriental carpet varies wildly, it will depend on the manufacturer, the size, if it is an antique carpet or a replica.

They could cost anywhere from $2-$10 per square foot on average. The Alexander Steel Blue Rug costs approximately $4 per square foot, whereas the Foothill Hemp Rug costs closer to $8 per square foot. 

rustic area rug  | Rugs Done Right

You can determine the price per square foot of your chosen carpet by multiplying the length of the carpet by the width of the carpet. That is your carpet’s square footage. Then, take the total price of the carpet and divide it by the number of square feet in your carpet to learn its price per square foot. 

What is the installation cost for oriental carpets? 

Many rugs do not need to be installed by professionals. If you choose a small or mid-sized oriental rug, you can place it in your room by yourself. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to install a large rug with oriental vibes, that will have an installation cost. According to Home Advisor, it can cost anywhere from $788-$2,707 to install a carpet for a full room. 

Buy the best rugs for your home today

Oriental decor can elevate the feel of your home, making a space cozy and classic at the same time. The wide variety of colors palette, patterns, and sizes ensures oriental rugs can fit easily into any space. Shop oriental rugs today and fall in love with a rug that’s just as unique as the rest of your family home.  

If you have any further questions about matching your rug to your home or choosing the right size rug for your space, contact our knowledgeable service team today.