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Are Momeni Rugs good quality?

Momeni is a brand with more than 40 years of experience in the market, they have successfully grown from a small importer of fine Persian rugs to an international manufacturer of thousands of rugs every year, they also offer top deals and different carpet styles for everyone.

How to choose the right Momeni rug size

Area rugs are great home decor instruments to add personality to a place, they work as floor fashion statements and provide a complementary background for the other decor. 

These tips will work if you are willing to purchase area rugs, choosing a proper size rug will be crucial to add great styles to the room you are decorating.

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How can I take care of my Momeni area rugs?

With any rugs or area rugs, you end up shopping you need to consider that every material will demand time to be taken care of, some rug materials more than others. 

As a general rule of thumb, most area rugs need to be vacuumed and rotated regularly to keep their shape and colors as long as possible. 

Flat-weave rugs can be vacuumed and taken outside once or twice a year to beat them out and remove the excess dust. High-pile rugs or area rugs are more difficult to clean, and some must be professionally cleaned.

How to keep in good condition Momeni shag rugs

Choosing a Momeni shag rug is a great choice to add a warm, cozy, and luxury environment to any living or dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and patio. Shag rugs are made of synthetic fibers, which makes them pretty durable, even if they are used in heavy traffic areas.

The most remarkable characteristic of shag rugs is their longer pile, it makes them look fluffy and soft, it also means you need to put more effort to take care of them.

With time the fluffiness is likely to go away, to avoid it we have for you 4 simple tips to take care of your Momeni Shag rug.

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