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Aminco has been delivering quality rugs and impressive timeless pieces since its establishment in 1983. They produce some of the most remarkable oriental carpets for all living spaces.

Are oriental rugs valuable?

Oriental rugs are among the most sophisticated floor coverings you can get for any space, they are stylish carpets that can add sophistication and charm while matching all surrounding furniture.

They are great quality as well, you could use them over many years in high traffic areas, and they will keep their shape, this is great news if you want to resell them.

Since each piece is usually made manually, they are unique pieces of floor art, always cushioned and feel amazing under barefoot. 


What is the perfect Aminco rug size for me?

Among their premium oriental rugs, you can choose the most remarkable designs to decorate and create the most stylish spaces.

To find the perfect area rug for you, we have created a simple step-by-step that you can use to guide your purchase decision.

-To choose an accurate rug size for the space you have available, we recommend laying your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like your rug to be

-The right Aminco rug can fit beneath all major furniture in the space where you want it to be

-It is important to make sure there are about 10 to 20 inches between the edges of the carpet and the walls of the room where you are using it. 

What is the best place to shop Aminco rugs online?

When it is time to get the perfect rug after moving to a new place or to replace your old rug, you should buy a floor covering that really represents yourself.  

At Rugs Done Right we have a great selection of Aminco Rugs for indoor spaces, choose your favorite by tone, design, shape, size or material. 

You can reach out to our dedicated customer service with any question, and we will help you to consider all details, from finding a rug that adjusts to the space you have available, whether it is a room or hallway, also to consider your budget that will vary depending on the material and size of the rug.