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Is a wool carpet a good choice?

Wool is one of the best fabric yarns to make indoor rugs, whether you want to use them in heavy traffic spaces like your living room, dining room or to add a great texture, personality, and coziness to your bedroom. Louis De Poortere is ranked as one of the most recognized wool carpet manufacturers of the world, they have beautiful woven velvets for carpets and fabrics— Discover at Rugs Done Right the best rug price per square foot. 

How to choose the best area rugs?

When you are buying an area rug it is extremely important to consider the space where you are using it, the room dimensions, and the foot traffic it can stand. Louis de Poortere wool rugs are great to be used in indoor spaces, they are great recovering from furniture or foot pressure and are easy to clean.

To choose the right size for you, the best guideline is to take the time to lay your room out first and then putting down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like a rug to be. 

Imagine where the bigger pieces of furniture go and make sure your area rug fits under them, and allow 12" to 20" of space between the wall and the edge of your rug. 

How to choose the best cut roll runner?

Once you know what is the material and color you want to use on your stair, it is extremely important to choose the right length. To measure straight stairs, make sure to:

-Measure both the tread (horizontal step) and the riser (vertical part of a step). This should add up to about 18".

-Then count the number of steps. Be sure to include the last riser, which leads to the upper landing.

-Multiply the number of steps by the total inches per stair.

-Then divide by 12 to get the total linear feet necessary for your straight stairs. We recommend adding one extra foot of runner length to your total, just to be safe.

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Best online warehouse to buy cut roll runners and area rugs?

At Rugs Done Right, we have made the best selection of Louis de Poorterer rugs for any living environment, choosing from outdoor, indoor, natural fiber, or synthetic fiber rugs for area rugs or stairs.

Discover the best rugs in the market for heavy traffic areas, with a great variety of designs that will adapt to urban spaces and farmhouses.

Let us know your concerns, we can help you find the right carpet for you, based on your budget and all personal requests, get today the perfect area rug or regular rug that adjusts to the space you are decorating.

We will help you find the best match for your budget and a rug that truly represents yourself. Choose by color patterns, design, shape, or size, if you don't know how to do it, reach out to our rug customer service to find a good match for your place.