All About Rug Pads

A Rug Pad is an area rug necessity that helps to protect the life of your rug and your floors. 

Rug Pads Offer:


Which Rug Pad Do I Need?

This depends on the placement of your rug.


Putting rug on carpet? We suggest the All-N-One reversible rug pad, which has a rubberized side and a felted side that provide great carpet-to-carpet grip.


On your hardwood floors, the best choice will be the Jade Magnet Pad. These are made with natural rubber and provide the best cushion for your rug. For a thinner rug pad, but with all the same quality and construction, go with the Jade Securenet Pad.

Radiant Heat:

Do you have radiant heat floors? Our Oriental Weavers LuxeHold and All-N-One rug pads can be used with radiant heating. 


Have a rug outdoors? We suggest our Outdoor Rug Pad, which is beneficial in allowing air to get beneath the rug and help it dry. This in turn can also help prevent mold and mildew.

More Questions About Rugs?