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Customer Testimonials
Thank you,
Pam W.

Thanks so much for your prompt response. Your customer service excels to no end.
Judy M.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my rug yesterday afternoon. It is beautiful! It is replacing a very similar rug, not purchased from you 6 years ago. There is just no comparison in quality and your rug was half the price. The customer service assistance I received was excellent! You guys are really doing it right!

Thank you,
Marie I.

Melinda I just want to thank you so much for expediting my rug. I thought that I would receive it sometime next week but lo and behold I received it today and it really looks great. It's a pleasure doing business with you and your company. Thanks again.

Catherine M.

Hi Jamie,
Thanks again for your help...I ordered the bigger rug tonight , plus a smaller one for the front door. Thanks for the coupon! I appreciate your great service.
Fiona, MI

I want to thank you for all your help. You were so great to look into this further for me. I will check back often at Rugs Done Right and I'm sure we'll do business in the future. I will eventually get some pillows and saw that your company had the best prices.
Thanks so much's been a pleasure almost working with you!
Linda B.


I just purchased a rug from your company, and wanted to let you know what an exceptionally positive experience I had with your online chat person, Jamie.


I inquired about the colors in a rug that I had seen in two very different-looking online pictures. Jamie was very precise and clear in explaining the look of the rug compared to the pictures. She also made several other suggestions which sent me in some very productive directions. We ended up having several email exchanges in which she worked with me to refine her understanding of the color palette of the room and made terrific suggestions. Finally, she managed to let me know of an almost-gone rug which fit my needs perfectly and which went on clearance (before this was reflected on the site price).

Throughout our interactions, she was kind and personable, extremely helpful, managed to convey that she really cared about getting it right, without being in the least pushy.

I normally HATE working with salespeople -- so this was an exceptional experience.

Prior to the purchase, I had spent perhaps 30 - 40 hours online looking at probably 50 sites; it is unlikely that I would have ended up making a purchase at rugsdoneright except for Jamie's work.

Thanks for a great experience!
Suzanne B.

Really appreciate your help! You have been extremely wonderful!

Jennifer S. , Interior designer

Hi there. Wanted to let you know that the rug arrived just this past Friday and is very, very beautiful. Thank you very much for making it possible.

Best wishes,
Ellen B

Dear Rugs Done Right:

Wow! I got my rug and it was just the most exquisite thing. Everything was exactly as described ? well maybe not exactly because it was better than I had imagined. Your prices are the best, believe me I checked! Your customer service was helpful, professional and well informed.

I have never written a testimonial, but I was so pleased I just couldn?t resist.

Thanks Again!!!!!!

Vicki B.

Jamie and Lisa,
THANK YOU very much for all your great help. I would not have found the rug I am purchasing had not been for you taking the time to look for the colors I wanted and sending them to me to pick from. THAT is what I call customer service, which is really what not only keeps the existing customers happy, but encourages them to refer new ones to your company, which, by the way, I already did.
Marisol K.

You guys are great! Thanks Jamie......I will be doing business with you again & share you with friends & family
Addie, CA


Hi Amanda,
The rug came and it is perfect!! I love it more than I even thought I would. I can?t thank you enough for all of your help.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kirsten, MI

Jen, I Love My Rug! It is beautiful and a perfect color combo - just what I was looking for in the family room. And it arrived SO FAST. Thanks again for helping to search for it. And Thanks for standing by your price match guarantee.
Nikki J.

Super, sounds great! Thanks for the superb customer service. :-)

Have a great day,
Darla C.

Dear Melissa,
I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your assistance with my order. We did receive the rug and it is really, really nice. It looks fantastic in our room.
Thank you,
Martha S.

Thanks so much. You guys have been great. I will be back for return business!

LuAnn, SD

I just received the rug and pad that I ordered. I LOVE IT! The colors look just like the picture, which was a big fear of mine that they wouldn't be the same. The order came very quickly and in great shape. I ordered the best pad and it was well worth the additional money. I will definitely refer you to my neighbors and friends. It's impossible to get a nicely priced rug in Atlanta!
Thank you,
Stephanie J.

The young woman on the phone was wonderful and helped me so much, she helped me get the rug I wanted and the one that would look best. I will definitely recommend Rugs done right to anyone I know, you are wonderful!!!!
Thanks so much,
Michelle S.

Hi Audrey,
I received my rug yesterday and I love, love, love it!! It was nice doing business with you. I will pass your site along to my friends. It was a great experience,
Lyn S.

Please accept this letter of recognition on behalf of Janie. This morning, I decided to surf the web in search of a company to supply the area rugs for my new home. Needless to say it has not been the best of experiences. So many companies are fly by night and have terrible service before and more importantly after the sale. After having spent over $ 100,000 on the web so far, you can imagine my dismay as to having to do it again. As I travel weekly on business I do not have the luxury of shopping in person.

Janie, made the experience actually pleasant and after our conversation, I realized that I need not check any other sites.

I was surprised to find the online chat available at 9 am on a Sunday morning and after chatting with Jannie, made my decision to buy from your company.

Janie is certainly a credit to your organization! Many companies should be as fortunate to have someone like that in their employ.

Best Regards
David L., FL

My thanks to you and Jamie for all of your help with this. I really like the rug that I purchased recently from -- it's really stunning and the size and shape are perfect.


I wanted to thank you the excellent customer service we received.

A special thanks to Andrea for processing our order so quickly. We received our rug from MER Monday night --we ordered it on Friday. Amazing.

Please be assured that we would highly recommend your business to anyone.

Paul K.

Received my rugs today. I love them both. You did a fabulous job!

Hi From Order#16885!
Rug and pad have arrived and appear great. THanks for your promptness and great service! If we need more rugs later, we'll be back in touch.
Cheryl H.

You're great! Got them and they're beautiful. Thanks again
Lori C.

Comments: I just want to thank Michelle for being very helpful on our phone call. She deserves all the credit.
Marcello C.

Michelle, Thank you so much for the great customer service you have given me. You made the process so simple for me!
Pam W.

I wanted to confirm that we did receive our rug on Monday, and are very pleased with it. It looks just like your picture on the net. Thank you for your good service!
Mary R.

I want to thank you for your quick responses to any emails I have sent. I appreciate it and will suggest Buy Rugs Direct to anyone. The service is great.
Allyson B.

thank you so much, you were very nice to us and very helpful. I appreciate your cooperation.
Paula M.

I just received my Nourison 2000 rug today and I couldn't be more delighted! It is grand! You gave me the best price available with your lowest price guarantee and I saved hundreds off the retail store price. I'll be calling you again!
Jan B.

Michelle-the rugs are great! Thanks for your help. Hope to shop with you again.

You are wonderful! Thanks so much for your help! I'm sure the rug will be perfect!
Thanks again & Take care!
Betsy W.

There are so many people who are quick to complain, but often fail to praise when things go right. We recently bought a rug from you (Momeni New Wave Collection) and were promised delivery by April 15, 2004. The rug arrived on March 30, 2004 in a secure protective bag, and when opened, the most beautiful rug appeared...even better looking than the photo on your web-site. We immediately unrolled the rug....WOW! Thank you again for your fine service. We will use you again and are unconditionally recommending you to our friends who might need rugs too.
Sincerely yours,
Richard and Vera K.

Hey Audrey,
I just want to let you know that I'm very happy to have received my rug last night. I'm so glad I bought from you guys! You guys offered a great selection, really good prices and above all, a superb customer service. Not a lot of company goes all out with their customers, so I really appreciate you calling me back and responding to my e-mails so quickly!
Vienne C.

Lorena C.

Just received the rug I ordered last week. The rug is perfect, the service was wonderful and the pricing was great. Your order department is very helpful and pleasant also! It was a great experience and I would not hesitate to purchase from you again.
Peg J.

Dear Megan/Jan/Everyone else at rugsdoneright
We're toast. Done. Fini. Mission accomplished---!! The last rug we received is perfect. We wanted to let you guys know how much we appreciate all the assistance we received. You have all been extremely understanding and professional. Again, thank you and..ah... Merry Christmas!
Syd & Chris
Indian Wells, Ca.

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RUGS 101 Glossary:

A Change in the color of a rug due to differences in the wool or dye batch. The color change runs across the rug, and is most likely to occur at the top.
Asymmetric knot:
A knot that may be open to the right or the left. Also known as Persian or Senneh knot.
A symbol of longevity; a favorite motif in Chinese art.
A design around the edge of a rug, surrounding the field. The border usually includes a wide bank with a repeating design, called the main border.
A pear-shaped figure often used in oriental rug designs. Characteristic of the paisley pattern, the boteh may represent a leaf, bush or a pine cone.
A Chinese figure that connotes great age when used in conjunction with other symbols.
A symbol of family togetherness, regarded as a good omen.
The combing of fibers with wire bristle brushes prior to spinning.
A grid on paper with colored spaces to guide rug weavers in the execution of a rug's design.
Chain stitch:
A crochet stitch used in rug construction that consists of successive loops to lock the final weft in place at the end of a rug.
One of four emblems of literature and science. Others are the harp books and paintings.
Cloud band:
A curved, horseshoe-shaped motif in Chinese carpet, used especially to fill vacant spaces.
A loss of dye color at spots of friction or wear.
A flatwoven rug from India, usually made of cotton or wool.
Endless knot:
A bhuddist emblem symbolizing long duration, often used with other symbols.
An asymmetric, or Persian pile knot.
The part of a rug's design surrounded by the border. The field may be blank or contain medallions or an over-all pattern.
Any rug woven without a knotted pile.
The combination of warps and wefts in the body of a rug.
Warps extending from the ends of a rug, which are treated in several ways to prevent the wefts and knots from unravelling.
The interlaced combination of warp and weft that comprises the fabric. In pile rugs, the ground is referred to as the foundation.
Guard stripe:
Stripes or lesser borders on either side of the main border.
A medallion, either octagonal or angular in shape, used in Turkman designs. It is often repeated to form an all-over pattern in the field.
Herati pattern:
A design consisting of a flower in a diamond, with leaves outside and parallel to the diamond's sides.
Jufti knot:
A knot tied over four warps instead of the usual two.
The Persian term for a runner, 21/2' by 31/2'.
A tapestry-like woven rug.
Any fine wool.
Lotus flower:
A Bhuddist emblem of summer, happiness and maturity, regarded as a sacred flower.
The ground or field of a rug.
The large enclosed portion of a design, usually in the center. Typical shapes are diamonds, octagons and hexagons.
Cotton thread whose strength and sheen have been enhanced by treating with alkali under pressure.
A breed of sheep that produces very fine wool. Originally raised in Spain, merino sheep whose wool is used in rugs are also raised in Australia and England.
Mina khani:
An all-over design consisting of two or more flower blossoms connected by a diamond lattice.
The weaving technique of certain Pakistani and Indian rugs.
A design or pattern.
One loop of a pile knot around a warp seen from the back of the rug.
A treatment of selvages where yarn is wrapped or interwoven with a yarn that is not part of the foundation weft.
Applying dye or stain to the front of a rug after it is woven.
Peace emblem:
A round, maze-like symbol used in rug design that connotes peace and longevity.
Peach blossom:
An emblem of spring, which is considered the blossom of the fruit of life.
Peach border:
A dotted interior border pattern used as a frame to separate the center design from the outside border.
The flower of wealth and respectability used in rug design.
The nap of the rug, or the tufts remaining after the knotted yarns are clipped.
Plain weave:
The simplest interlacing of warp and weft.
A piece of a rug sewn or woven into a hole of another rug.
Two or more yarns spun together.
Prayer rug:
A rug with a representation of a mosque or arched prayer area. Columns may be shown supporting the arch with a lamp hanging from the arch's apex.
The plum blossom, a symbol of beauty that often symbolizes winter, used in rug design.
A Persian mat of about 3' by 2 '.Rofu: A Persian term meaning a repair that is not evident.
The edge warps of a rug and the foundation weft around those warps.
A flatweave rug made from a technique that produces a herringbone effect.
The direction of a yarn's twist.
The average length of fibers in a yarn.
Symmetric knot:
A knot tied on two warps; also known as the Giordes or Turkish knot.
Tapestry weave:
Any variety of weaves where the pattern is created by ground wefts that do not run from end to end.
Thunder line:
A border pattern that stems from prehistoric hieroglyphics.
Reversals in direction of the new wefts.
Comprising the structure, parallel warp yarns run the length of the rug, and are interlaced with wefts.
A rug where warps are more closely spaced than wefts, and wefts are concealed. In a balanced plain weave rug, warps and wefts are equally visible.
Warp offset:
A technique where some warps are held tightly in place, while others are held in place loosely.
A chemical solution used after weaving to soften a rug's colors and increase its luster.
The yarns woven horizontally through the warps.
A rug where the weft yarns are more closely spaced than the warps.
Weft twining:
A weft wrapping method where two wefts pass across warps, twisting together after each wrap or at regular intervals.
Whip stitch:
A stitch used to overcase and lock the final weft in rug ends.
A wool yarn of long staple with fibers that have been combed prior to spinning.
courtesy of: Nourison Rug Corp. 1995 - 2003

-Rugs Done Right

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