Cleaning Your Rugs

Cleaning rugs, Oriental rugs specifically, is always a challenge. Here Rugs Done Right offers you a ready reference for stain removal for all types of carpet stains - everything from chewing gum to grease removal. Print this page and use it as a handy reference so you may properly care for your investment.
  1. Water Based Stains.
  2. Oil Based Stains.
  3. General Tips for Cleaning Oriental Rugs.
  4. Stain Removal Procedures.
  5. Stain Removal Supplies.
  6. Removing - Candle wax.
  7. Removing Chewing Gum.
  8. Removing Glue.
  9. Removing Ink from Ball Point Pen.

Oriental Rugs - Cleaning Rugs

Cleaning Oriental Rugs is vital to their long lasting beauty and life. Lack of maintenance will contribute to loss in the potential investment.

Cleaning Rugs - Stain Removal

There are two general categories of stains, and both are treated very differently.
1. Removal of Water Based Carpet Stains
A water-based carpet stain would include a stain cause by soda, juice, wine, and coffee. If you get to the spill before it dries, you have a much better chance of catching it before it stains.
Most water based carpet stains can be removed by using a white towel to blot the spill followed by a mild dish washing detergent diluted with water at a ratio of about one cap full per quart. Make sure to test the cleaning mixture used on an inconspicuous area of the Oriental rug first. And, once the stain is blotted, flush the Oriental rug once or twice with water. When cleaning rugs, make sure you do not leave any soap in the rug. Residual soap will discolor and harm the rug's foundation.
2. Grease Removal and Oil-based Carpet Stains
The second type of carpet stain is oil-based. Oil-based stains may originate from tar, lipstick, and grease.
For oil based carpet stains and grease removal, blot the spill with a white towel, and then clean with a dry cleaning fluid. Dry cleaning fluid can be found at most hardware stores.
We recommend that you do not use the typical carpet cleaning solutions found at local grocery stores. These may discolor Oriental rugs or leave a residue of the original carpet stain.
3. Tips on Cleaning Oriental Rugs - Carpet Stains
  1. Do it fast.
  2. Blot up excess spills with paper towels. Do not rub.
  3. Apply antidote(s) as shown on list with a clean dry cloth, working from edge to center.
  • Remember to always rub or brush lightly from the outer edge toward the center of the stain to prevent spreading or causing "the ring" when using solvents. (This is especially true for twist rugs and pile carpets)
  • On old, dry or stubborn stains, saturate, blot, and brush. Repeat this operation as often as necessary to remove the stain completely.
  • Do not soak.
  • Pat with paper towels. Dry with fan or hair blower.
  • Restore pile with a brush.
  • 4. Spot and Stain Removal Procedure for Cleaning Rugs - Oriental Rugs
    Detergent Cleaning Fluid Detergent Detergent Detergent
    Blot Blot Blot Blot Blot
    Vinegar Detergent Ammonia Vinegar Ammonia
    Blot Blot Blot Blot Blot
    Detergent Water Ammonia Detergent Vinegar
    Blot Blot Blot Blot Blot
    Water Ammonia Detergent Water Detergent
    Blot Blot Blot Blot Blot
      Detergent Water   Water
      Blot Blot   Blot
    Alphabetical Stain Treatment Index
    Acid D Cosmetic B Lipstick A Sauce A
    Alcoholic Bev. A Crayon B Machine Oil B Shortening A
    Ammonia or Alkali A Egg B Mayonnaise B Soft Drink E
    Beer E Excrement B Mercurochrome E Soy Sauce B
    Berries E Fish Slime B Merthiolate E Starch B
    Blood D Fruit Juice E Metal Polish A Tar B
    Butter B Furniture Polish B Milk A Tea D
    Candy(sugar) A Gravy A Mixed drinks E Tooth Paste A
    Carbon Black B Hair Oil B Mud A Urine D
    Catsup B Hair Spray B Mustard E Varnish B
    Charcoal A Hand Lotion B Paint B Vaseline B
    Chocolate D Ice Cream B Perfume A Vomit B
    Coffee E Lacquer B Rust A Washable Ink A
    Cooking Oil B Lard D Salad Dressing B Wine E
    5. Carpet Stains - Stain Removal Supplies
    Because it is best if you catch a spill on the Oriental carpet before it turns into a stain, you have to move fast. To be sure, we suggest you keep the following carpet cleaning supplies close at hand, perhaps in a handy box readily available the next time a spill occurs!
    - Dry cleaning fluid
    - Alcohol
    - Glycerin
    - Sponges
    - Clean cloths
    - Brush
    - Mild detergent (containing no alkalis or bleaches)
    - White vinegar
    - Weak ammonia 7% solution
    6. Removing Candle wax
    Place a blotter or brown paper bag over the spot. Put a hot iron over the blotter. Wait a few minutes until the wax is absorbed into the blotter. Repeat if necessary. Move the iron constantly, and do not let it stay in one place.
    7. Removing Chewing Gum
    Press ice cubes against spot. Wait until it becomes brittle and breaks off. Use spot remover to vanish last traces.
    8. Removing Glue
    Saturate the spot with a cloth soaked in vinegar or alcohol.
    9.Removing Ink from Ball Point Pen
    Saturate the spot with hairspray. Allow to dry. Brush lightly with a solution of water and vinegar.