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Are Kaleen rugs good quality?

Kaleen has been a leading rug manufacturer for over 50 years, since their beginning as a family business in India focused on rug manufactures, they have evolved to be an importer and distributor of great quality rugs and home accessories to homes all over the world.

Kaleen has also made great efforts to consolidate themselves as an eco-friendly rug business, their new manufacturing plants are certified as “green energy” 

How can I choose the right Kaleen rug size

One mistake you want to avoid is to choose a rug that is too small for the room where you want to use it, imagine that you are between two Kaleen area rug sizes, but you are not sure which one is the best to place on the floor, in this situation an expert will advise you to choose the bigger one as long as it will still fit in the room

- By choosing the bigger rug, the additional inches can allow your decor to shift slightly without it being a big issue

- In a perfect scenario you want to have 10 to 20 inches between the edges of the rug and the walls of the room

- Now you want to make sure the rug size fits properly with your existing decor, take the time to lay out the space where you want to place the Kaleen rug

- Then put down painter’s tape to figure out where you’d like to place your rug.

- As a general guideline the best Kaleen rugs for your room fits beneath all major furniture in the space you have available

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Is it easy to wash Kaleen rug?

Please check your rug care labels to determine whether they should be dry-cleaned, spot-cleaned, or laundered.

In case you have a large area rug it is better to wash it outside or hire a professional cleaning service. 

If you decide to go with the first option we made a couple of guidelines for you to do it at home.

- Never use harsh chemicals on natural fiber rugs

- Always test any new cleaning product you are using on a little spot of your rug to make sure it can be used without damaging your rug

- If you have a cleaning product that you know can be used on your rug, rub it on the way of the pattern

- If you decided to deep wash it let it dry under the sun and make sure it does not stay outside for too long to keep your rug color vivid

- Make sure your Kaleen rug is completely dry before replacing it, after the sun exposure you can vacuum it to finish helping the drying process

How can I take care of my Kaleen rug

If your Kaleen rugs is located in a high-traffic location, such as your home entrance, that spot in the living room where you like to sit on the couch or where you hop out of bed, the best thing you can do is rotate the rug occasionally, it will help you preserve the rug in great shape and its patterns.

Are rug pads useful?

Regardless of the rug material used to made your rug, rug pads are incredibly useful for offering cushion while keeping your rug securely in place on the floor, which is something we always recommend to our clients.

How to clean a Kaleen wool rug

If you are buying a wool rug for the first time you need to know that new wool rugs will shed for a couple of weeks, to deal with this, we suggest vacuuming your rug once or twice a week in the direction of the pile. With time, the excessive shedding will subside.

Avoid using harsh chemicals on your wool rugs. The best choice to deep wash your carpets is to dilute soft soap in a large volume of water, remember to always test any product you use on a small area of your rug first, to avoid your rug color fading away sometimes water is just the best option.

What is the best about Kaleen synthetic rug?

Polypropylene and polyester are one of the most common materials for rugs in North America; these rugs are cheap, lightweight, ideal for high-traffic areas, super easy to clean, and come in a wide range of design choices that can be used at home or in the workplace.

- One of the most remarkable characteristics of synthetic rugs such as polypropylene is their resistance, it is a great attribute to consider in the long term

- Synthetic rugs don't need much care, they can hold pretty well against moisture and sunlight without easily lose their form or their colors, a great attribute if you are looking for an outdoor rug

- To take care of them, make sure to vacuum your rug to remove the dirt and deep clean it once or twice a year depending on where you have it


How to Clean an Outdoor Polypropylene Rug

Do you have questions to choose the perfect Kaleen rug?

It is important to consider your budget and how to complement the decor you already have at home, at Rugs Done Right you will be able to find the best Kaleen rug deals made of natural fiber, synthetic material rugs available in multiple color tones and sizes to help you create amazing living spaces

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